Kingsway Care Client Stories

If you’d like to know how we support Kingsway Care Clients to live independently in the homes they know and love, simply click on each photo to reveal their stories.

From helping June to leave hospital, dancing with a dementia Client, spoiling Bernard on his birthday, our Christmas Day Client party, baking cakes together, reuniting couples after residential care, and swimming for the disabled sessions.

First Class Home Care

Our first-class home care services are tailored to suit older or disabled Clients. Providing support with things they find difficult and encouraging them to live well at home with an added dash of Kingsway Care fun. Click on the photos to reveal each Kingsway Care Client story.

June and Kingsway Care

My yellow angel has come to get me.”

Find out how we supported June to leave hospital and return home to a new comfy bed and care plan.

Valentine heart lips Kingsway Care

Sharing the love! Find out what we did to make Valentine’s Day special for Kingsway Care Clients.

David Bowie Hunky Dory

Everything is Hunky Dory! Dancing around the living room with a dementia Client and David Bowie!

Kingsway Care Client birthday cake

We make the birthday boy, Bernard, happy every day. Watch his adorable video.

Kingsway CareGiver bedtime story

Listen to Kingsway CareGiver, Darren read a whimsical bedtime story he wrote for a much loved Client.

Kingsway Care Christmas Party

We love putting the ‘social’ into care. See what we did for our Christmas Day Client party.

Kingsway Care team Hove seafront

Helping families to get their loved ones back home from hospital is as rewarding for us as it is for them.

Kerry & Martin bake a cake

If I’d known you were coming, I’d have baked a cake.

Kerry helps Martin bake his first-ever cake.

Mr & Mrs M reunited

“They kissed and cried, the Zimmer frame fell over and the walking sticks went flying!

Mr & Mrs M reunited at home thanks to Kingsway Care.

Katy Disabled Aquatic Therapy

We support Katy to go to ‘Swimming for the Disabled sessions’ at the King Alfred Leisure Centre, Hove.

No 1 Home Care Service in Brighton & Hove

We are proud to be the No 1 Home Care Provider in Brighton and Hove according to our reviews on To see our areas of operation, please visit our location page.

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