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Arthur Kingsway Care Senior CareGiver


Senior CareGiver


Arthur, Senior CareGiver, Kingsway Care

My name is Arthur and I am one of the Senior CareGivers at Kingsway Care.

I’m driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Originally, I wanted to become a paramedic so looked for employment that could give me the necessary experience. That’s why I pursued a career as a caregiver and I love it! I’ve found fulfillment in the role, relishing the opportunity to work closely with individuals, understand their needs, and brighten their days with compassionate care.

Promotion to Senior CareGiver

Arthur’s dedication and proficiency in caregiving have been recognized, leading to his recent promotion to Senior CareGiver. In this role, he assumes responsibility for specific clients, providing comprehensive support, including medication management, regular reviews, and addressing any concerns or changing needs that may arise.


Arthur recently rekindled his passion for track and field, returning to his coach at Withdean Athletics to resume competition in the outdoor season.

Arthur fundraising for Martlets Hospice

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Kingsway CareGivers fundraising for Martlets Hospice