Tracey Kingsway Care Team


Client Coordinator


My name is Tracey and as one of the Client Coordinators, I ensure my Kingsway Care Clients are happy with our service. I check in regularly with Clients to ensure our service commitments are met with care reviews, quality assurance, and audits.

I’m in charge of the medication management process which involves ordering medications and maintaining records accurately.

I also visit potential new Clients in both hospitals or in their own homes to assess their care needs and support them to live independently at home.

Before Kingsway Care, I worked in nursing homes and then the local AgeUK office for many happy years. I asked Kingsway Care for a job after witnessing how their fun and flexible approach to care was making a positive difference to AgeUK’s emergency care clients.

Tracey lives in Brighton and loves her family, badminton, socialising, and walking her dogs.

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