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Home Care for Disabled Adults

Kingsway Care provide comprehensive support to disabled adults who require assistance with daily routines while preserving their autonomy and dignity. Whether it’s helping with personal care, medication management, mobility assistance, or emotional support, our goal is to enhance the quality of life and promote wellbeing.

Read First hand Accounts

Read first-hand accounts from our disabled Clients, including those living with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Injuries and Multiple Sclerosis, to gain insights into how we support them in achieving their personal goals and positive outcomes.

Kingsway Care’s Disability Champion

You will see a lot of posts from Katy, one of our Clients living with Cerebral Palsy. She is also Kingsway Care’s Disability Champion sharing her passion to support more disabled adults to get out, socialise and live life to the full. Find out about activities for disabled people in Brighton and Hove such as Boccia, swimming and horse carriage driving. Katy also shares advice on things that make her life easier such as, Second Skin Splints, GoTalk 9+ and Aqua Therapy.

Read their stories below to learn how we support disabled adults to live independently in their homes. Or contact our friendly office team on 01273 077444 for a chat to find out how we can support you.

Olly, Kingsway Care's founder, believes older and disabled individuals deserve fun, independence and freedom in our vibrant Brighton & Hove Community so started Kingsway Care.

Respect for Wheelchair Users

Living with cerebral palsy and relying on a wheelchair, Katy is determined to make life easier for other disabled people. Watch our Disability Champion's video to learn how able bodied...
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Kingsway Care Client, Louis and Boccia Champion

Boccia at King Alfred Leisure Centre

Kingsway Care Client, Louis, shares his Boccia tips at a special coaching session attended by Kingsway Care, Grace Eyre Foundation, Rise Brighton and expertly organised with fantastic support from Lauren...
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Boccia Coaching with Kingsway Care's Paralimpian Client, Louis Saunders at the King Alfred Leisure Centre, Hove.

Boccia Coaching with Louis

After Louis's fantastic guest blog last month, Kingsway Care has been on a mission to transform his passion for Boccia into a reality for more people. This journey has been...
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Kingsway CareGiver and Paralympian Client

Meet Louis: Our Amazing Paralympian Client

I’m Louis, a 21-year-old electric wheelchair user, who has been a Client of Kingsway Care for just under a year. I just wanted to come on and write this guest...
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Katy Kingsway Care's Disability Champion in Brighton & Hove

GoTalk 9+ Communication Tool

Katy, our Disability Champion loves the GoTalk9+ communication tool and shares how it helps with her speech difficulties.
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Kingsway CareGiver supporting Katy with her studies

Caring for Derek

How would you cope if your loved one suffered a life-changing accident or illness and you became their primary carer? Our Disability Champion, Katy, shares some positive thoughts after watching...
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Katy, Kingsway Care's Disability Champion, enjoys a Disabled Aquatic Therapy with the help of Kingsway CareGiver

Fighting for Disabled Independence

Find out why Katy, Kingsway Care's Disability Champion, is fighting for choice and independence for all disabled people. And watch her video during an Aquatic Therapy session.
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Katy's Second Skin splints. Living with Cerebral Palsy

Second Skin Splints

Our Disability Champion, Katy shares her experience of Second Skin dynamic splints and how they help her live with Cerebral Palsy.
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Katy and Kingsway CareGiver Yara splashing around at Splashpoint Worthing

Swimming for the Disabled

Katy, our Disability Champion loves to swim. She wants to encourage more young adults with disabilities to discover the benefits of swimming. Find out where to swim in Hove and...
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Katy, Kingsway Care's Disability champion at home in her wheelchair living independently in Lancing

Katy’s Mobility Ambitions

Katy is Kingsway Care's Disability Champion and a Client living with Cerebral Palsy. She wanted to share this video of her walking for the first time in six years!
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Thank You Note

Meet Geoff: Another Happy Client

We received this lovely Thank You note from Geoff and his wife after Olly, Kingsway Care's Managing Director, fixed their computer. Find out what else we do to support them...
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Katy, Kingsway Care's disability champion

Meet Katy: Our Disability Champion

Our Disability Champion, Katy, is here to show there is so much more disabled people can do within the local Sussex community.
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Kerry & Martin bake a cake. Home Care Visits with joy and imagination by Kingsway Care, the leading home care provider in Brighton & Hove

Kerry & Martin bake a cake

Fun and imaginative care for Kingsway Care Clients in Brighton & Hove. Find out how to make the delicious chocolate cake and spread some joy too.
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Meet Martin: an inspirational young man!

Meet Martin: an inspirational young man taking the physical challenges of living with cerebral palsy in his stride.
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