Kingsway CareGiver and Paralympian Client
I’m Louis, a 21-year-old electric wheelchair user, who has been a Client of Kingsway Care for just under a year. I just wanted to come on and write this guest blog to showcase the amazing work that Kingsway Care does, and my huge appreciation for them. They have enabled me to not only become far...
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Katy Kingsway Care's Disability Champion in Brighton & Hove
Katy, our Disability Champion loves the GoTalk9+ communication tool and shares how it helps with her speech difficulties.
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Katy, Kingsway Care's Disability Champion, enjoys a Disabled Aquatic Therapy with the help of Kingsway CareGiver
Find out why Katy, Kingsway Care's Disability Champion, is fighting for choice and independence for all disabled people. And watch her video during an Aquatic Therapy session.
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