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The rumours are true! Kingsway Coffee will be opening soon! Hands up if you’ve seen the teaser at 22 Victoria Terrace, Kingsway, Hove?

Kingsway Coffee Coming Soon
Kingsway Coffee Opening Soon

New Kingsway Care Office too

We’re super excited as the building will be home to the new Kingsway Care Office too. We’re looking forward to welcoming Clients, CareGivers and the local community to meet for a coffee or light snack, and a chat. Meanwhile, let’s find out a little bit more from the front men, Scott Burey and Darren Cavill.

What is Kingsway Coffee?

The clue is in the title! HA!  Jokes aside – the past year has been EXCEPTIONALLY hard for EVERYBODY in more ways than one. So with a glimpse of light around the corner, we just want to provide somewhere fresh for people to come and escape, and to reconnect.

Happy, Warm and Inviting

When you think about it, the word Coffee means SOOOO much more to people than just a drink. When someone says ‘Do you want to go for a coffee’ they mean do you want to meet up and chat and gossip and get away for a few moments in the day, to relax and chill. And that’s what Kingsway coffee is – a happy warm, inviting place for everybody, for people to meet, work and socialise and break free from the day’s chores. 

Tea, Coffee, Yummy Food and Cake

Although we are focusing on making the best coffee experience possible, we will have much more to offer too – a very exciting selection of teas that will make you feel like you’re a kid in a sweet shop, and the most delicious selection of cakes and food – all sourced locally. 

Community Spirit

We’ve got some very exciting plans for the future! It’s going to focus on the very best of local produce, and talent, and to embrace that community spirit we feel has somewhat been lost over time. The cafe will be accessible to all and we will be hosting events and activities for the local community after hours.

Leave with a smile on your face

And we just want to have lots of fun!  We want everyone that comes in to have lots of fun too!  We want people to come in, say hello, have time out, and hopefully leave with a smile on their face to carry through for the rest of their day.

Darren & Scott

Front Men, Darren & Scott

I’ve been performing in drag, up and down the country for the past 20 years, and I want to bring that air of cheekiness with me to the coffee shop, minus the high heels of course. Darren, on the other hand, is much more sensible and will bring the calmness needed to the proceedings. 

If someone’s never been before to visit, what would you say to them?

COME!!!!  What are you waiting for?!?!! Everybody wants to get out right now, and get back to the way things were, and we all want to feel as close to normal – whatever that may be – and breathe again.

A lot of people will be feeling a little anxious about this for quite some time, and we’re here for that very reason – to offer a safe, happy place. As I said before, it’s soooooo much more than just about having a coffee. We want you to feel welcome, feel relaxed and feel at home. 

Location & Opening Date

Kingsway Coffee is located at 22, Victoria Terrace, Kingsway, Hove – in the old Alibi pub, not far from the King Alfred Leisure Centre.

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